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A Quick Guide to Wardriving

The Wi-Fi revolution has brought a lot of freedom indeed. Freedom for our wireless devices, which have started to become more lightweight, and thus portable. And freedom for us, who have started to enjoy browsing the net from the comfort of our bedrooms, without being tied by cables.

These days, lots of people deploy 802.11b wireless networks in their homes. Sadly, many of them forget to take the basic measures that would protect them against all sorts of digital threats.

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Ethernet Cables for Beginners

Wireless technologies, mainly Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, have replaced Ethernet in many homes and offices. But this doesn't mean that wired networks are going down the drain!

Let me give you a few serious reasons why this won't happen anytime soon. First of all, wired networks are reliable and fast. But probably their most praised feature is the huge range that can be achieved using an Ethernet cable, in comparison with the 50...100 feet range of a typical Wi-Fi network.

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Internet of Things 101

The Internet of things (also known as IoT) is all about connecting devices that include various sensors to the Internet. I'm talking about heart rate monitors, for example, which can gather data and send it to your mobile phone, for example. Or about your fridge, which can send you an email whenever you run out of milk.

In a nutshell, IoT is an extra layer of data exchanges that uses the Internet to improve our lives by sensing, analyzing and transporting information from one device to another using various Internet protocols.

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